All of our chocolates are made in an environment in which Dairy, Gluten, Nuts and Peanuts are used and so all may contain traces of these allergens. 

 Chocolates Peanuts Nuts Gluten Sulphur Dioxide Soya Milk
Bucks Fizz Truffle           X     X    X 
Coconut & Raspberry     X    X


Cappuccino     X    X
Cherry in Kirsch     X    
Mandarin     X    X
Champagne Truffle           X    X     X
Ginger    X    X
Pina Colada           X    X    X
Orange    X    X
Salted Caramel    X    X
Latte    X    X
White Passionfruit Caramel    X    X
Honey    X    X
Milk Ganache    X    X
Hazelnut      X    X    X
Millionaire Shortbread      X    X    X
Raspberry    X    X
Vanilla    X    X
Strawberry    X    X
Dark Passionfruit Caramel    X    X
Lemon Meringue Pie      X    X    X
Lotus Biscoff      X    X    X


Blueberry & Peach    X    X
Blood Orange Gin           X    X    X
Irish Coffee    X    X
Pistachio      X    X    X
Peanut Butter & Raspberry       X    X    X
Dark Ganache    X